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Redwood Wood Deck
Redwood Deck in Garden

SLO County Deck Builders is your #1 Deck Contractor for Grover Beach and all of San Luis Obispo County. Grover Beach is part of the Five Cities Area, which also includes Pismo Beach, and Arroyo Grande as well as Oceano and Shell Beach. The city of Grover Beach may only cover about 2.5 square miles, but there is a lot packed into this area – your new deck, outdoor space, patio, or outdoor kitchen built by the #1 Deck Contractor of Grover Beach should be included. Even if you have limited space, SLO County Deck Builders can design something that fits your space and budget.

Grover Beach was founded on 1 August 1887 and was originally known as Town of Grover. The town is named after founder, D.W. Grover. Little did Grover know when he filed plans at the San Luis Obispo County Court House, that his little town, known officially as City of Grover City, would one day be the location of the Pacific Crossing Cable Landing Station. This is where the trans-pacific submarine cables come ashore and connect with the North American telecommunication network.

The town incorporated on 21 December 1959 when the official name became City of Grover City. Many thought there was redundancy in the name and sought better names for their city, names with more ocean-oriented emphasis. Finally, in 1992, another vote took place, and the town’s name officially changed to Grover Beach from City of Grover City, emphasizing its seaside connection and location.

Deck Small Space with Fireplace
Small but Functional Outdoor Space.

After spending the day recreating at Oceano Dunes, what better way to relax than in your custom built outdoor space, deck, or patio built by the #1 Deck Contractor in Grover Beach. SLO County Deck Builders will work with you from concept, through the design and building process to make your outdoor space dream a reality.

When you’re ready to enhance your outdoor space with a patio, deck, kitchen, or party space, contact us at SLO County Deck Builders, your #1 Deck Builder in Grover Beach, for a free estimate. Don’t hesitate, Life is Better Outside!

Small outdoor space maximized deck
Small but Very Functional Party Area.