Pool Decks and Fencing

Stamped and Stained Concrete

There are many surfaces to compare when it comes to your pool decking options. The most important items to consider would be the materials you are choosing for your design. After all, your pool deck is going to be around a very long time. Stamped or stained concrete will add a great dimension to your pool decking area. A combination of concrete and brick can also provide a creative outdoor space for your family. Concrete and brick patio/pool decking combines flexibility in design with beauty that has strength and durability.

Above ground swimming pool with decking.

When it comes to figuring out which pool deck materials you choose for your project, things to take into consideration are your budget, overall safety concerns, regular maintenance required, the durability of the product, and the functionality of how it blends with your home and existing landscape. Concrete is definitely the top choice for most pool deck projects, but it definitely isn’t the only apple in the cart. Concrete and brick does offer a larger advantage over other pool deck materials, unless you have an above ground pool, or the landscape is sloped or tiered.

Aggregate is a colorful addition for good traction on your pool deck.

A factor that any pool deck needs to have is good traction. This is extremely important on any pool deck. With continually wet surfaces, slip resistance is the highest priority for the safety of your family and friends. All pool deck materials will become slippery when wet, the highest being tile. However, with concrete and brick there are multiple methods of improving the pool deck surface traction without taking away from any decorative features. These methods include broomed surfacing or exposed aggregate (small stone) finishes, installing a textured overlay, or even mixing in a clear plastic or sand grit into the concrete sealer before applying it to the surface.

Heat reflectivity is also an important process in deciding on the material choice for you pool deck. Darker colored brick or tile pool decks can become particularly hot to the touch when baking in the hot sun. Concrete has the ability to reflect solar radiation and, although it can get warm, it tends to be more comfortable on your bare feet. There are many decorative toppings used with concrete that drastically lower the surface temperatures.

Pool Safety Fence.

Do not forget while planning your pool deck project to factor in the safety fencing. You will want this to be practical and esthetically pleasing to the overall finished project. But most importantly for the safety of everyone!

Fence Installation

Cedar Wood Privacy Fence.

When it comes to the privacy in your outdoor space, wood fencing adds a classic look to any area. Your wood fence can come in many variations depending on your need. The most common options are privacy – mainly used in backyard designs, and for that extra curb appeal, most folks choose a picket or split rail style.

Traditional Wood Split Rail Fence.
Classic Wood Picket Fence.

The more common wood used is insect and rot resistant cedar or redwood, although pine and hem/fir can be used depending on the elements in your environment. Wood fences can be protected from these elements by treating them with a stain or water sealer, or they can be left untreated to turn their naturally aged shade of gray. 

The option of a Chainlink fence is a well-liked choice in both home and business application. It is relatively easy to install and serves multiple purposes, most commonly security. Chainlink is a popular choice for its functionality, versatility, and affordability.

Unobstructed Views with Chain Link Fencing.

A solid wood privacy fence is a good choice for providing security, although many choose a Chainlink fence to provide both the sense of boundaries and security. Chainlink fencing also allows business and homeowners the ability to see through it, but if needed, privacy slats can be installed in any Chainlink fence. So, if you have a great view but still need to keep the kids and dogs safely contained, a Chainlink fence may be your preferred option. Chainlink can be installed around your entire property, (check with you HOA first of course) allowing those kiddos and pets free range. Chainlink is also a preferred  choice for animal kennels and dog runs.

Need added Security for your Business Property?

When it comes to needing a high security fence, Chainlink topped with barbed wire, whether it is a residential or commercial application, is a great way to ensure your properties security. As mentioned above, vinyl slats or privacy mesh can be installed improving privacy and security of your property. This style of Chainlink fencing is more applicable and popular in commercial and industrial properties, adding security your property.

Privacy Slats added to Chainlink.

Sporting facilities are a common place to see the installation of Chainlink fencing since it helps keep things organized, separates players from spectators, while providing boundaries of the playing field.